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Supportive Companions:  Bring a few close friends or family members whose opinions you value. We suggest taking with you mother, father, sister or one best friend. Too many people (maybe even each with a different taste), who express their opinions, can make all this process very difficult for a bride.  

Inspiration: Bring photos or ideas of dresses you like to help guide the consultant in understanding your preferences. It does not mean that a bride will always choose a dress that is similar to photos she saved on Pintrest, but coming with some pictures will help to start fitting process and dress selection.  

However, don’t worry, if you haven’t searched and saved anything, you may come “like a blank page”, we will help you understand what you like and choose the best for you.

Open Mind: Be open to trying on different styles. Sometimes, what looks great in pictures may not be the best fit for you.

Budget Information: Clearly communicate your budget to the consultant to streamline the selection process, but do not refuse to try on something that is over your budget slightly.

Water and snacks: If you’ve got a lot of appointments scheduled in one day (which is not recommend), you need to take water and some snacks with you to gain energy.

Being hungry and dehydrated makes shopping difficult and can even affect how you view the dresses you try on. Plan time for a lunch break if you are doing a full day of shopping.

Accessories: If you have specific accessories you plan to wear, bring them to see how they pair with the dresses. But you do not have to bring shoes with you, we offer heeled shoes that you can try on to see how it looks when you are wearing heels with your dress.

Make-up: You can definitely put make-up on when fitting the dress. The consultant will help you put on the dresses and avoid getting them dirty with lipstick or foundation. Keep in mind that it is desirable that the makeup is minimal, but such that you feel comfortable.

Remember, the most important thing to bring is a positive and open mindset to make the experience enjoyable and successful.

See you in Amelii