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On June 17, Amelii visited Lielstraupe Castle to join a private fashion show, “Independence Fashion Show“, organized by Media Agency from USA What You Didn’t See.

The reason why Lielstraupe Castle turned into a place for a fashion show is Jakob von Rosen, the inheritor of the von Rosen family, which historically owned Lielstraupe Castle. Jakob grew up outside of Latvia and currently lives in Miami. After learning about his family’s heritage, Lielstraupe Castle, which the family lost in 1939, he returned to Latvia.

See an interview with Jacob von Rosen in Latvian television here:

On June 17, Jakob von Rosen’s relatives, friends and family from all over the world visited the Castle to celebrate the opportunity to be in Lielstraupe Palace.

It will be possible to watch the event on the Netflix platform.

Grateful for the opportunity to be present!

A few shots from rehersal.