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These shopping tips will help you find “the one.”

These tips will make the process easier and more understandable.

The offer of wedding dresses is wide, you can get confused in the blink of an eye. Different materials, shades, cuts of dresses etc. How not to get confused and find “the one” wedding dress? What should you consider when looking for a wedding dress? This article about wedding dress selection recommendations will help you!

DO YOUR RESEARCH Explore bridal magazines, find wedding dresses you like on Pintrest, check out local wedding dress shop websites and create your dream dress file. Then look for what unites all the selected wedding dresses – lace, volume, material, naked back, voluminous sleeves? Find a variety of common features that you like and use that when you go shopping for wedding dresses.

BE OPEN A consultant will meet you in the wedding dress studio, trust the consultant. We often see that the bride chooses a completely different style of wedding dress than she had dreamed of. Try on something that maybe doesn’t like you on the hanger. The consultant will offer you different shades, styles, cuts – be open to these offers.

BUY EARLY Don’t put off choosing a wedding dress until the last months before the wedding. Remember – the dress needs to be adjusted to the size, needs to choose accessories, shoes, flowers, groom’s suit, as well as hair and make-up are created depending on the wedding dress.

FIND A GREAT WEDDING DRESS SHOP Do your homework – before you make an appointment to go for fitting, research what’s on offer. You certainly don’t want to waste your time in a store that doesn’t have a wedding dresses to your taste. Take recommendations from your married friends who have already gone through this adventure, read reviews, find out the price range of wedding dresses and evaluate where it is worth going.

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT To avoid the situation when you are ready to choose your dress, but when you enter the store, you realize that the consultant/-s is busy with another bride, make an appointment in advance.

GO SHOPPING ON WORKDAYS On weekends, wedding salons are crowded, so another bride can buy your desired dress if you leave the store to think and the next bride arrives immediately. Visiting on weekdays will be more relaxed.

CHOOSE YOUR BUYING TEAM WISELY We know you want to bring your mom, sister, 3 girlfriends, aunt and grandma with you, but imagine if you will want to please everyone, you will probably not choose an outfit according to your feelings, regardless of all the comments. Narrow the circle to 2-3 people, this will allow you to focus on the most important.

PAY ATTENTION TO THE MATERIAL In addition to the silhouette, tone and details of the wedding dress, the material is of great importance. Heavier, thicker material will flatten the shape, chiffon is very flattering for any bride’s body, tulle wedding dresses will create an airy effect, but also give a little visual volume. Try on different materials.

WEDDING VENUE Consider where the wedding ceremony and celebration will take place, so that the bride’s dress fits and does not give the feeling that the bride has chosen an inappropriate wedding dress for the style of the wedding. A beach wedding, a wedding in a garden, a castle, a restaurant, or a forest – we will tell you more about the most suitable wedding dresses for each venue in another post in our blog.

TRY ON A NOT-WHITE WEDDING DRESS Ivory, blush, nude, brown, gray, pink – so many shades are available in the Amelii wedding dress offer. Often, the classic ivory shade does not suit the bride as good as blush lining wedding dress, nude shade, or any other. The shade should flatter the skin color/type.

DON’T FORGET ABOUT COMFORT Even if the dress meets all your criteria, don’t forget about the feeling. You should feel beautiful in the dress, and don’t forget about comfort – a dress that is unpleasant on the skin already in the process of fitting, it can definitely make you feel even more unpleasant on the wedding day, when you have to spend several hours in the dress.

DON’T TAKE IT AS A SIGN IF YOU DON’T CRY If you are not an emotional person, or you see the dress as a way to express your personal style, the dress probably won’t bring you to tears, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t found your “”perfect” wedding dress.

DON’T KEEP THE DRESS AT HOME If you live with your partner, there is a chance that the dress will be accidentally found, if you want to keep it a secret, ask relatives, friends, maybe it will be possible to store the dress with someone else. Amelii offers to store the dress in the Studio. Also, the dress should be protected from pets, besides, if the wedding dress is not in your closet, you will not be tempted to wear it every day.

CHOOSE LOCALS Local wedding dress shops will provide a more intimate atmosphere and personal service. Most likely, the consultants will also know the wedding venue, will be able to recommend other service providers, and communication will be easier.

HOW WILL I WALK IN THIS DRESS? A wedding dress is not an ordinary outfit, it requires you to stand straight, move with moderate caution and follow the train of the dress. All this limits you, but be sure to try sitting down in your wedding dress, not just standing beautifully in front of the mirror.

The wedding inspiration portal BRIDES writes more about recommendations in the search for a wedding dress, where 70 recommendations are collected , do research and select of the ones that are useful for you.