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A veil for the modern bride? Absolutely – yes!

It’s an accessory that holds a lot of symbolic and aesthetic significance on the big day. Wedding veil is a symbol of female holiness.

Earlier, wedding veils symbolized the chastity and modesty of the bride, and many cultures still use them for this reason. White wedding dresses were also worn to symbolize chastity, the white veil complementing this.

Nowdays, veil can indeed add a touch of elegance and beauty to a bride’s attire, an has become a wedding trend.

The variety of styles and patterns is wide – floral veils, different appliques, or a veil that is decorated with tulle flowers, as well as personalized veils and with different size ruffles. Veil allows to complete a bride’s overall look while also reflecting her personality and style.

A wedding veil serves as the final exquisite touch.

Amelii offers a variety of handmade veils with a touch of love. Handcrafted veils will make wedding attire memorable.