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The story of a bride

Meeting the dress that feels like herself

Grieta + Uģis

Thank you so much again for the lovely wedding dress. I had already seen my real dress on the website and when I tried it on in real life - it was the right one. And the lace of that dress - wonderful. Thanks also to the lovely Amelii girls who pampered, helped and recommended the best.
I will advise all my friends who will get married in the future to go exclusively to Amelii.


I would like to thank you very much for your wedding dress! 🤩❤️. I looked great, a day full of compliments! Thank you very much for what you do and how you do! With you, every bride feels like a real princess!


Thank you for the delightful dress! The groom could not hold back tears !! I felt so special all day! Girls, you are professionals in your field


First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you for the fabulous feeling, that was created by the perfect dress. It is perfect and made me feel really beautiful and special - your team works wonderful! Thank you for the warm welcome to your studio and the tailor for taking care of the details so that the end result fits perfectly on the body! Real pride to be a part of what a Latvian company creates! May all further projects and celebrations succeed!


”This was the dress of my dreams!! I was on a bit of a time crunch and nothing I was finding in-store was exactly what I wanted. I saw this dress and just knew it was the one. I was so worried about ordering a dress online and from Latvia, but Ieva and her team made the most amazing dress. She was very responsive to my messages. I gave her my measurements and I barely needed any alterations at all!! The dress came on-time and I cried when I put it on. Buy this dress -- you will not be disappointed!!


Dear girls!I am heartily grateful that on our day we both (with my little girl) could feel like real princesses! A sea of compliments from those around us and a smile on our faces! You are a great team! Magicians of fantastic celebrations! ♡


Now it's my turn. This year was extremely funny. After the temptation in November 2019, did not come to mind the idea that the wedding will have to be rethought 2x. But then we realized that someone has to save this year with celebration, love and joy! After several thoughts, we realized that we want to get married so much that we will not wait. And I, the bride, had everything I needed - a beautiful dress and my future husband! I had no doubts about my husband, but I was worried about the dress. However, when my mom and sister arrived at Amelii.dress, everything was clear - I will not leave this place without a dress. And when my mom, who rarely has her own opinion, said "woow" - obviously there was one - this dress is the real one! And so it was - everything was as I wanted it - my husband had tears of touch when he saw me, and I was extremely happy!


Thanks for the beautiful dress! Bought online, it was the last thing for the wedding I bought! Although I started sewing, but due to the virus, everything did not go as planned. Because I couldn't fly to Latvia. Option B - bought a ready-made from the salon. And in general alleles that the wedding took place at all! The dress definitely felt special. The only time I wear it it was great! I especially liked the sleeves and back of the dress. Addressed! It looks very romantic in the pictures! Although I am not so romantic myself. Then on this special day I still wanted the delicate image and the dress was wonderful! Like created just for me! Thank you so much for the nice communication, diligent fingers and the beauty you create! Keep it up!

Jūlija & Edgars

I want to thank you again for my most beautiful wedding dress! It received hundreds of compliments! Unbelievably beautiful! So special! Thank you! And I thank your salon for such a nice experience in buying my dream dress! The girls who work there are terrific! P. S. One of the wedding guests was our family friend who works on the visual 3D design for the brand Georg Jensen (one of the top Danish brands). He came up to me at least three times to compliment my dress, saying that it was one of the most beautiful and tasteful wedding dresses he had ever seen! :)) That is huge!


Hello, dear Amelii. I am this year’s September bride, and I bought my fantastic dress from you. Hard to believe, but the very first dress became the one. It was like every seam of my dress had been created just for me, without any corrections from the dressmaker, we only corrected the length and I was ready for my beautiful day. Your salespeople are fantastic, helpful and knowledgeable. I thank them for that. Thank you for making the brides happy, as well as beautiful and confident on the most special day of their life. A heartfelt Thank You



I want to say a huge thank you for my beautiful wedding dress - your studio saved my wedding! I bought my dress only week before my big day (since the first dress I bought in another bridal shop was redone not the way I expected, I had to look for a new one six days before my wedding). Your employees helped me to find the one and only wedding gown and adjusted it perfectly in just a few days. Without Your help my wedding would not be as magical as it was. Thank you and wish You the greatest success!


I wanted to say thanks for the fantastic wedding dress. I really felt fabulous in it and had the feeling that the dress was made for me. I got countless compliments on the dress, even the wedding party venue said that it was the most beautiful wedding gown this season! I will definitely recommended Amelii to my friends who will be looking for wedding dresses in the future!

Amelii brides speak Tatjana


Dear Amelii! Thank you, girls, for the fabulous dress! Thank heavens that I found you! This was the fulfillment of my most beautiful dream! I wish you not to lose inspiration and love for your work!


Hello! Thank you very much for the excellent dress! The first dress I tried on was the one!

Amelii brides speak Viktors Agate

Agate & Viktors

Hey, Ieva, our awesome and beautiful day was on June 29. And I want to thank you and the Amelii team so much for your contribution. See how lovely the dress is! You succeeded! The dress can be described in two words – unbelievable beauty, and it did not hinder our many activities in the wedding at all. So, it was beautiful and comfortable. I received countless compliments.


Let me thank you for my dreamlike and magnificently beautiful wedding dress. I've never seen a better and prettier one. It was clearly loved at first sight. I wish you to continue to inspire every bride. And overall I so much enjoyed getting married that I would be ready to have such an experience every year.

Amelii brides speak Anna


I wanted to say a huge thanks once again! I had the most beautiful wedding dress anyone might want! I felt like a princess all day long! Thank you for the nice atmosphere and everything else, I am truly very happy!


Good morning! Everyone was excited, nobody had seen anything like it! Everyone asked where I bought this gem! In your dress I felt like a princess, it was my dream dress! Thank you for making my dream a reality! Thank you so much!

Amelii brides speak Liga


Hello! I wanted to say a huge thank you for the beautiful dress! It really is my dream dress! In this dress I felt like a princess, a HUGE THANK YOU! Ieva, the work you do is amazing! You are in the right place, thank you for being you!


Hello! ???? Your beautiful dress! I received a lot of compliments and felt fantastic on my wedding day on 19 August 2019. Thank you very much for your time and work during several fittings, it was worth it!

Amelii brides speak Aleksandra


Hello! Thanks again for the fantastic dress, I felt great in it! My husband liked it very much, and all I heard from the guests was that the dress is wonderful! You know how to create dresses that are unlike any standard wedding dresses – yours are individual, unique, one of a kind <3 I wish all the best to your team, and may inspiration never leave you, only grow stronger!


Dear brides to be, you will not regret buying a wedding dress form Amelii! I had the most beautiful dress, thank you so much, Amelii studio! I received so many compliments on my wedding day. If you want something a bit extraordinary and not the usual, classical wedding dress, Amelii is the place where you will find your one and only because each dress has it's own cherry on top. Thank you, Amelii! ????



Wonderful choice! As I walked in the studio, I instantly felt at home. Peaceful surroundings, heartwarming service, and femininity that I could feel all around this place! Time passed by too quickly and not for a second I had the thought of going elsewhere. I received my dream that I haven't even dreamed about but I knew that it is the one and only dress for me! ????


I would like to thank you for my ideal wedding dress from the bottom of my heart! On my wedding day I felt really comfortable and beautiful - thank you very much! Thank you for the last minute dress rescue operation and personal attitude, so that on my wedding day, I would have such a beautiful dress!



Fantastic, welcoming and understanding professionals, very beautiful and original dresses! It was very hard for me to choose but the first one I tried on was the one! Thank you for the positive experience, it was really important to me.


I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for my wonderful wedding dress! ???? My wedding gown came out to be exactly as I dreamed it would be! It is a simple yet special and different wedding dress. My beautiful, romantic and ethereal swiss dot wedding dress! ????

Laura un Kārlis

Laura & Kārlis

Cozy atmosphere, wonderful professionals, and the most beautiful dresses! I truly recommend to search or create your dream dress at Amelii studio!

Diāna & Jānis

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made my dream dress into reality! It withstood Greek, sand, and waters, and even Latvian forests and in the end looked new! Thank you for the quality!



I want to tell a massive thanks to Amelii studio and team for my exquisite wedding dress! I felt like a princess. Although the dress is simple, it is so glorious and I felt extremely comfortable in it til the next morning! Thank you very much for turning my dream into reality and altering the dress based on my desires. I truly recommend Amelii studio because of the individual approach to every bride and kind attitude from Amelii team every single time I was in the studio. And also a big thanks to seamstresses for amazing work. Wish you all the best!


Hello, dear Amelii! I would like to thank you for the wonderful dress. The beautiful bride is a happy bride, right? In your dress, I felt really beautiful. The best compliment to me was the look of my husband Frederick, seeing me when I entered the church and compliments from guests - You were so beautiful, but still You yourself! I could not imagine myself in a corset wedding dress that wouldn't let me breathe or in a dress with plastic ring petticoat. It is outdated to say that beauty requires sacrifices: why should it, if Amelii creates so beautiful and comfortable dresses at the same time! Thank you very much! ♥

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