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Questions and Answers

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I want to try on Amelii wedding dresses, do I need to make an appointment in advance?

It is advisable to book your visit in advance to guarantee you the opportunity to try on wedding dresses. To make an appointment in time by calling or writing to us. You will find the contacts in the “CONTACTS” section.

However, we will be happy to see you even without an appointment and we will wait for you in Amelii during working hours.

On the other hand, if you want to buy accessories or just look at the dress offer, no prior appointment is necessary.

What's the average price of a wedding dress?

Price depends on the design of the dress and its material, but the average wedding dress is priced at €700-800. Amelii aims to adapt and find the right balance between the bride’s financial capabilities and desires.

I am expecting a baby, do you offer wedding dresses for pregnant women?

For us, Amelii, the comfort and well-being of the bride on the wedding day is really important, so we will always recommend comfortable, light wedding dresses for pregnant women and we will adjust the dress to the height contours with the greatest care. We adjust the dress for pregnant women closer to the wedding date, but we recommend choosing the dress in time.

Do you offer plus size wedding dresses?

Plus size wedding dresses are almost always available in Amelii Studio, but the bride can choose any wedding dress, regardless of size, because after purchasing the dress, our tailors make adjustments to the dress according to the bride.

How long before the wedding should you go looking for a wedding dress?

The very first, because your overall image depends on it – make-up, hairstyle, shoes, flowers, accessories, groom’s suit, maybe even the overall style of the wedding! The wedding dress is like a good basis for further planning.

It should also be noted that the dress needs adjustments, which takes time, so the earlier you choose, the less anxiety before the wedding.

Are wedding dresses cleaned?

Yes, if necessary, we provide dress cleaning after wedding.

Is there a risk that the end result will not satisfy me when sewing a wedding dress?

Each bride meets the dressmaker’s entire dress process, including the designer, as needed. When you make a dress, you approve of every detail, the final result is your own, unique wedding dress.

Do you also offer boho style dresses?

Bohemian style wedding dresses are still relevant in the Amelii wedding dress offer. Amelii offers wedding dresses of various styles, so that every bride can find the style, shade, cut that suits her.

Is it possible to combine several wedding dresses into one?

Yes, Amelii offers to combine designs from multiple dresses to create the single perfect and unique wedding dress.

Do you also offer dresses for other wedding guests?

We offer dresses for little ladies or flower girls, so that the bride can create a single image with her daughter. We offer wedding guests to buy handmade jackets, accessories or robes, designed for a hen party, wedding morning with the bride, or everyday wear.

Do you offer tulle wedding dresses?

Yes, Amelii also offers tulle wedding dresses. Our tulle dresses are available in different shades – milk white, sand, brown, gray, as well as pink. We always help to find the most appropriate and suitable tone for the bride.

Do you offer backless wedding dresses?

Most of the wedding dresses are backless. Amelii wedding dresses have beautiful buttons in the back, or the back is buttonless, meaning the back is completely bare, decorated with a pretty bow, or some other element.

We always advise brides to remember that the back of the dress is extremely important and should be given special attention.

Do you only offer white wedding dresses?

The tendency to play with shades in wedding dresses is becoming more and more relevant. Amelii offers milk white wedding dresses, as well as powder pink, regular pink, sand tone, brown, gray, champagne tone, which we mix with milk white lace or tulle. Our designer Ieva Ruka always chooses such color combinations that allow the materials of the dress to merge into a single vision of the image of the bride.

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