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An honor to dress a bride

Meet your designer

Welcome to Amelii!

Amelii is a wedding dress brand and bridal studio in Riga, founded in 2014 by designer Ieva Ruka. Our studio is a place where time stops. This is where the bride can take a deep breath and connect with what her true self wishes. Amelii dresses are carefully crafted and expertly constructed. Ieva Ruka’s signature lightness, sense of color, and harmony of the details let the bride be breathtaking and radiant on her big day.

We will be happy to help you find the dress that makes your eyes sparkle!

The wedding dress that is truly yours

From delicate lace and tulle to thick lace and long sleeves. Each dress is created with great care and love, so that the result can surprise anyone and, above all, to turn bride’s dream dress into reality.

The wedding dress is one of the most important detail of the wedding. Amelii is ready to help you find the one and only dress to wear walking down the aisle and to vow eternal love.

With great pleasure, me and my adorable Amelii fairies will help you choose and find a wedding dress that is exactly right for you.

Dreams come true

Ieva Ruka