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This summer, Latvian comedy series “Perfect Wedding” was shot, the main character of the series Lelde Dreimane was dressed in Amelii wedding dress, just like the little flower girls. The series will reach viewers this autumn. Amelii designer Ieva Ruka also visited the filming area.

The producer of the series, Andrejs Ēķis, says: “This will be a beautiful story that will thrill any women of any age, because weddings are important for little girls who only dream about them, for women who are planning their weddings, and for mothers who are having their children’s weddings. I want to conjure up the romantic special feeling that every wedding guest feels. I would like to say that love never grows old, it is good to get married and a wedding is a beautiful and heartwarming celebration!”

Amelii team is really proud that the local artists have chosen dresses created in Latvia. We are looking forward to the premiere of the series with huge excitement.

An insight from the filming can be seen below.