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It was a very intense end of the year of 2023.

Amelii designer Ieva Ruka with wedding organizer Inga Bērziņa form Bannte Events planned 3 BRIDAL EVENINGS – in October, November and December.

Each evening was planned in a very free atmosphere, where brides can drink champagne, ask questions, taste Krista Birzniece cakes and get inspired for their wedding day.

Main speakers Ieva Ruka told all about wedding dresses, Inga touched on the topic of wedding organization, but to make it all more interesting for the brides – in each evening different professionals from various fields were invited as a guests, such as:

photographer Klaids Lielbiksis

florist AMIE ziedi

wedding decorations DELICATE, Loveletters

 make-up and hair artist Linda Liepiņa

 bartender Rihards Onzuls

 videographer Kaņepes Films

They gathered in Amelii Studio to share their experience, give as mush advices as possible, tell different real life/wedding situations etc.

Brides had the opportunity to interact directly, ask questions, and gain valuable insights for their big day.

Insights from all three evenings here:

OCTOBER with Ieva Ruka, Inga Bērziņa, Klaids Lielbiksis, Kaņepes films

NOVEMBER evening with Ieva Ruka, Inga Bērziņa, Ieva from Delicate, Dagnija from Loveletters, AMIE ziedi

DECEMBER evening with Ieva Ruka, Inga Bērziņa, Linda Liepiņa, Rihards Onzuls