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These TOP wedding dress bridal trends can serve as your inspiration.

Here you will find some of most-wanted bridal wear trends in 2024. 

Large, voluminous BOWS will be trending in 2024 bridal style.

This wedding fashion trend adds femininity and a romantic vibe. Wear a bow in the front or in the back, it can be a bow top or a detail in a wedding dress. Such an accent will help highlight your individuality.

LARGE PATTERNS. It can be a tulle wedding dress with embroidery, a lace wedding dress with a pattern, an open or closed dress, an A-line silhouette or fitted – in this case, the emphasis is on the materials. Find the material that suits you best- floral, birds, dandelions or alything of your choice. Pay attention to the fabrics, they are so different and interesting!

VOLUMINOUS SLEEVES. Long sleeves are very charming. Just try on different sleeves and compare dresses without sleeves. Sleeves will change your overall look.

Impressive VEILS– volume, individual embroidery – this is something new in wedding fashion. Veil is TOP accesory for brides. Wedding inspiration from our real brides wearing Amelii veils.

SIMPLE gowns with elagant DETAILS– feathers, asymetric details, ruffles, accesories. Ascetic wedding dress that is brightened up with one expressive detail. These dresses will allow you to play with accessories much more freely.

CORSETS. Wedding dress OR wedding set? Bridal sets are perfect if you want to use your wedding outfit after wedding. Wear corset top with blazer or trousers, but skirts with oversized sweater or even t-shirt.