When preparing for a wedding and choosing a wedding dress, shoes are important. Unwittingly, footwear plays a significant role at the wedding and in the choice of a wedding gown. When you find a dress, it should be adapted to your height, also considering the height of the shoe heels.

Amelii tries to inspire the bride to be daring and not afraid to highlight her individuality and personality. If you want to wear high heels at the wedding, if you want to feel comfortable and light, so sneakers seem like the best solution, if you are planning to have a traditional wedding with simple leather footwear, or if you are considering rubber boots in case it rains, then do not hesitate, because only you determine what your wedding will be like and how you will feel on your special day. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Amelii invites you to take a look at these inspiring photos, and perhaps it will give you an idea for the type of shoes you want in the wedding.

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