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Frequently Asked Questions

Price depends on the design of the dress and its material, but the average wedding dress is priced at €600-650. Amelia aims to adapt and find the right balance between the bride’s financial capabilities and desires.

Yes, Amelia offers to combine designs from multiple dresses to create the single perfect and unique wedding dress.

Yes, if necessary, we provide dress cleaning after wedding.

No, but everything depends on the design of the dress, the details and the material you choose.

Each bride meets the dressmaker’s entire dress process, including the designer, as needed. When you make a dress, you approve of every detail, the final result is your own, unique wedding dress.

If the sewing process is planned, it could be about four times. The times of dressing depend on the design of the dress and other factors, so the number of times of dressing is variable, individually for each bride.

On average, from 2 weeks to 4 months.