Do you know how it is to have a job you want to go to, get up earlier and go away later? Work that is intertwined with unspeakable love, where it inadvertently turns into a second home and where colleagues become part of the family

I, Ieva, say THANK YOU to the leading employees of the company.

Anete – Amelii’s manager (oh God, if you knew how much she suits what she is doing, she does everything with vigor, how beautiful, smart and charming she is).

Ivetiņa – the main tailor, it seems that we will also have to change her name in passport to Ivetiņa (we have been together for almost 5 years, never called Iveta) – A woman with a huge work spirit and a heart full of love for what she does 🕊 Full of kindness and love.

And yet – we have Daughters, they are also part of Amelii 🕊 Each of us is a value and the key to brand success.  For Great Families at Work ❤️

All dressed in Amelii 🕊

With love, Ieva ❤️