It is immensely important to trust and believe in mircales now, in the time of New Year’s. To be a part of a long lasting dream, Amelii decided to enhance the good in all of us and give away a FREE wedding dress for a bride, who needs it most.

There is no doubt, that this year has given us many worries, uncertainty, silence and time for reflection. To come out from this we can only by being together, being stronger.

Exactly this type of hope, strength and love for ability to do good and important things we saw in the bride-to-be Ilze’s letter to us. We can happily announce that our wedding dress has found its’ TRUE owner and will be able to make the upcoming 2021 even more special.

In our good deed also joined With Lace jewelry, Ilva Barkāne Photography and Marta Egle Deko wedding bouquets to make the forthcoming event much more magical.

Enhance the good together,