Last week, Amelii went on an exciting trip to Great Britain to showcase the studio’s beautiful treasures behind the borders of Latvia, participating in an ambitious and rare wedding exhibition London Bridal Fashion Week 2019, where both wedding fashion experts, as well as industry manufacturers and designers from more than 40 countries presented their works to a wider audience of professionals and partners over the course of three days.

The organisers of the exhibition gave the participants and visitors not only an opportunity to look at designer wedding dresses at separate stalls, but also to enjoy the wedding dresses in a fashion show, allowing to appreciate the smallest details of the gowns and to conjure up the image of the future bride, created according to the latest wedding fashion trends. The current events of the wedding industry were explained in lectures to provide guidance for every company’s development.

The wonderful Amelii wedding dress stall delighted professionals and visitors for three days, representing not only our wedding studios, but also the name of Latvia abroad and proudly presenting our brides’ favourite dress designs. Participation in the exhibition filled us with new impressions and experiences, as well as an inspiration to continue growing not only in Latvia but also outside the country, showcasing the bohemian designs of the Latvian designer Ieva Ruka to representatives of other countries.

Amelii’s team was indescribably happy and satisfied to hear inspiring compliments about the stunning dresses of the designer Ieva Ruka, both from long-standing representatives of the wedding industry, as well as foreign wedding media journalists who emphasised the fresh and original Amelii wedding dress designs, perfect with a small touch of bohemian and antique charm, which is a highly sought-after feature not only among Latvian brides, but also those of other countries.

On March 26, 2019 Amelii signed the contract No. SKV-L-2019/40 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for receiving aid under the “Promoting international competitiveness” measure co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.